Jul 25, 2008

Billie Likes The "Loo" : )

Hi everybody! It's Billie again. First, I would like to say Hi to all of the kitties that are joining Floof and Fur! It is so nice to meet you all and to make so many Floofy Friends!
This is my quirky thing. I like to sleep in the downstairs bathroom, especially in the colder months when the hot air machine from the basement is running. My Momma puts a towel down for me and I sleep right in front of the sink. Everyone must carefully work around me for tooth brushing and hand washing. :) Momma says as long as I am happy it's worth the slight inconvenience.
Have a great weekend Floofy Friends!


Mickey said...

Billiwe, it's good that your family is understanding!! Cats rule!!! That looks like o great spot too :)
Purrs Mickey

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Where ever you are the most comfortable!!! And....you do look comfortable. Happy snoozing!

Sweet Praline said...

Mom has even gone to the other bathroom in order to not move me from my precious sleep!

Anonymous said...

that is a good napping place!
We like the hot air blower thing too in the winter!