Jul 15, 2008

Hai I Is Goma!!

Hi this is Sachie, Gama's mom posting for the first time here at Floof and Fur! It is nice to meet all of you fluffy friendz!!! We are so excited to join here and be part of fluffy blog community!! Thanks for inviting us!! Goma was born in March, 31st 2007. He was runt of the litter believe or not!! Now he is too big...he now weighs 12.5Ibs!! Goma also has a blog called My Himalayan Cat Goma. This blog is updated almost daily with Gama's pictures and video and fun animal news around the world! We do funny photo comics which you see below as example, has been signature for My cat Goma blog. Another fun thing about Goma is, Goma has more than 60 videos on Youtube! One of his video has gotten more than 80,000views! Here is the video simply called, Cat VS Cotton Candy.
Goma is also a cat of many faces. Sometimes he is soooo pretty, sometimes he is ugly!! But I LOVE all of his faces!! lol! Okay, I hope this is good introduction to Goma fluff!! I will be back soon to read about other member cats and possibly post some fun stuff!! Thanks!! see you later!!


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The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Very cute floofy!

Sweet Praline said...

So glad you decided to join us at Floof and Fur. My mom can't wait to see what Goma is up to each day. My mom is always squeeing when she sees your picture. It's hard for me to not be a little jealous!

FLOOF & FUR said...

Oh my stars! You are adorable! So funny! :) It is nice to meet you Goma! We like a little "Catitude".
Hugs and Purrs,
Billie and her Momma