Jul 14, 2008

Hi! My name is Zoey!

Thanks for inviting me to join Floof & Fur! It's great to have a blog just for us floofy kitties!

Here's some info about me:
  • Nicknames: Sweet Pea, The Little Princess, Peanut, Z, Z-Cat
  • Birthdate: I don’t remember when I was born. The V.E.T. says it probably was sometime in late June or early July 2007. But I think my life really started when the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair caught me. That was on February 16, 2008.
  • Weight: A girl never tells her weight!
  • Bio: I don’t remember much of my early days. All I know is that I was living outside behind a big building. Which was scarey because I was just a little cat. I had to hunt for my food…often in a dumpster. Sometimes the people from the building would give me food. It was okay until it started getting cold…and then snowy. The people built me a place to stay warm and sleep. Here’s a picture of where I stayed:

See all the snow??? Here's a picture of the inside:

I was really scared when the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair caught me. But I think that was the luckiest day of my life!!!
  • Favorite Moment: When I became an Island Cat!
  • Likes: Food, food and more food!!!
  • Favorite Toy: Gray mousies!

Now I'm an Island Cat living here with Wally and Ernie...and the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair.

I can't wait to meet more floofy kitties like me!!!! You can visit me at http://www.island-cats.com/. Wally and Ernie are there too...but they aren't floofy like me!!!


Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Zoey
It's nice to meet you. We are glad you found a lovely furrever home, we wouldn't want to live in the snow.

FLOOF & FUR said...

Hi little Zoey (and from one to another...) welcome to Floof & Fur from my big sister Zoey... we're so happy you are here.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...


Sweet Praline said...

So nice to meet you Zoey! Mom just gave me an extra tummy rub once she saw yours! I am glad the the man and yellow hair beans found you.


Goma: Nice to meet you Zoey!! u lives in Irandz?? It sounds funz!! me want irandz too!!! you is fluffy lookz like cotton candys!! yummy!!

FLOOF & FUR said...

Hi Zoey! I love stories with happy endings like yours. :) You are so pretty! I'm so glad you have a safe and happy home.
Hugs and Purrs from Billie and her Momma Lorianna