Dec 5, 2008

Fin At Housecat Confidential

Hello everyone! My name is Fin and I am an eleven year old lady cat. I live in the desert of Nevada with my human parents Daddy and Mommy (who is also my ghostwriter and blog slave).

This is my first post on Floof and Fur (Mommy can be such a slacker). It sure is nice to be here among all the other floofy cats. I thought I might make my first post here about the things that bind us - floof! Here are some interesting facts about my floof:

  1. I was almost not chosen by my parents because of my long fur! Luckily I was completely irresistible!
  2. I barely shed at all my first year, but I have made up for it later.
  3. Many of my floof hairs have multi-color bands, Mommy calls them raccoon hairs.
  4. Due to all my colors I'm able to successfully leave my mark on any color outfit.
  5. I have long guard hairs and then very soft underfloof. I'm told I feel like mink.
  6. My underfloof can get easily matted, so I have to be very vigilant against Alphalpha hairs (you know the ones, they stick straight out like arrows of grooming humiliation).
  7. I refuse to let Mommy brush me, so I manage all this by myself - well pretty much.
  8. My Floofy Friday posts are often the most visited, and not the ones Mommy slaves over. So funny!

I am Fin of Housecat Confidential, please come visit me anytime.

P.S. - My 100th post will be tomorrow.


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Welcome to Floof and Fur Fin!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Congratulations on your 100th post!
Your FL furiend,

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We didn't know this blog existed!!!
Thanks for directing us to it!
We like the Raccoon Hair theory... Mine are the same multi banded ones you have and the under floof I can totally relate to!

Everycat said...

..and so many interesting floofy facts. You are a secret racoon Fin!


Kellykat said...

Hi Fin! Nice to see you blogging here at last. Your such a beautiful kitty, I have to check out your Floofy Friday posts to better admire you.

Cat with a garden said...

Oh Fin, you're bringing the Norewegian touch into this blog! Furry interesting! I can testify the "minkness" of your floof - I well remember cuddling into it on our Magic Carpet ride to Norway. Ahhhh...
Purrs, Siena

Parker said...

Wow - 100 posts! That's great!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

You'll fit right in, Fin!!

I have been meaning to join here too, but alas the PM is somewhat lazy.

purrs Goldie

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Fin! Those are some interesting things about your floof...I think all us floofy kitties suffer from those same matting furs.

Congrats on your 100th post too!


Sweet Praline said...

Welcome to Floof and Fur, Fin. You are such a beautiful floofy kitty. My mom picked me because of all of my floof. I do like to be brushed and mom brushes me everyday and then some.

Cafe Cats said...

Welcome to Floof and Fur, Fin! My Mama has been lazy too. I still need to do my intro postie too.

I has banded colors too, but I'm more pastel than you are.


Patty Skypants said...

Hai Finn! Me Luvs U and all yer floofs! xxoo Bhu

The Cat Realm said...

We got a kick out of fact # 2, hahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

WOW Fin you do all that yourself!! You little lickity stick must go into overdrive! :))
What a truly wonderful job you do! :))


Grrreta said...

Alphalpha hairs...hee hee! I know the ones.