Jun 1, 2009

Summer Time For Hansel

Hai. Hansel here.

i gun spend mai summer gettin a niiiiiice gurlfurrend kitteh.
Den, i might relax in lots of sun rays, eet lots of fud,
sum temtayshuns, whap mai sisfur, an broffur,
an jus be da cool kitteh dat i am.

What do you do to beat the heat?
I lay on cool surfaces. Like da baf room floors.

Where are the beans off to on vacation?
Dem are gun go ta beaches i finks. i dun no. Dis mai furs summers here.

How do you battle the weekday blahs?
I whap stuff. Yoo nos, like mai sisfurs face.

How do you deal with all the little sticky kids constantly disturbing your naptime?
I dun haf sticky kids. But, i whap mommeh in da face. Or, whoeffur
is dis-turben me.

Where can a kitty get some R&R?
Anywhere i wants. I can seeps anywheres.
mai favvorite iz stealin a spot where mai sisfur iz headin. her gets mad.

Where is your favorite sunbathing spot?
right in da winna sill. Mommeh saz i better not eet dat much
n git fats acaz i no fit no more. I tell her, mommeh, mommeh
yoo stoopid.


Noll's Nip said...

Hansel, I thinks you've got everything figured out to a T!

pughy said...

I agree all sorted no problems..

Hugs GJ xx

CCL Wendy said...

Life is good, Hansel. What can you say?

Cheyenne -Millie said...

You sound like your summer is going to be the best summer yet!!