Aug 15, 2009

Summer Time Here

Cheyenne-Millie here, this is what I am doing this summer (when I am not busy doing pet insurance comparisons for myself) . I talked my mom into sharing this, since mom wasn't going to post it on my blog. She decided it was kind of silly! Especially when she decided she was going to add my Monty Dog! I told her NO!! NO!! It is mom's contribution to the summer theme. I am way in the back under the umbrella. Sandusky, who is the least floofy and furry of all of us all, is in the front glaring with his laser eyes. That is my very furry sister Spooky beside him! We think it would be great to have this much sand! We hope everyone here is enjoying their summer!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi there,
Looks like you are all enjoying every bit of the summer sunshine!

lupie said...

Have a greeeeeeaat summer!

MissBreezysBox said...

Nope-not enjoying. It's too hot. The 100's is what it has been in Vegas.
Great summer photos.