Aug 29, 2008

Samantha is an Official Doctor of Floof and Fur Hair Design

Hi Floof & Fur Members! I went Back to School and Today I have just finished my PHD in Floof and Fur Hair Design! I am now a certified Doctor of Floof and Fur Hair Design! I can give you the best hair cuts and the best rates! Won't you come to see me?
I have two chairs to work with and a great big pair of scissors!

These are some examples of my work!!

Do you think I need some more practice?

Aug 26, 2008


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...
now I need a place to hide away...
Today, Floof & Fur welcomes Sadie from Mosaic Cats,
as our special guest visitor.
Sadie is a beautiful, tortie-colored domestic long hair with gorgeous green eyes.
At least, she used to be a "long hair"... until the Mosaic Lady
(who fancies herself to be an artist???)
got out the shears and well... the result is above.
So, here at Floof & Fur we'll protect Sadie,
keep her safe til those lovely long furs
grow back to being long and silky again.
And a note to Mosaic Lady: put the snippers
away please!!!

Aug 19, 2008

Time for School!

Well, its that time of year again. School time. It seems like it comes sooner and sooner each year. I closed my eyes for a little nap and poof! summer was over. Oh well. C'est la vie. My girl took me shopping to get all my school supplies. Ya got your pens, paper, pencils, books, folders, and all that stuff. She thought I should start off on the right paw and bring an apple for the teacher. I thought I should bring a bag of furry mice or Temptations but my girl insisted that an apple would be better.
My favorite part of school is recess. Here I am checking out the school grounds. There was lots to see and do. I tried to make friends with a little mousie but he must have been late for class or something cause he just ran off when I got close to him. Maybe I can introduce myself to him next time.
When the last bell rang I went straight home to tell my girl all about it. She had some yummy treats all set out and waiting for me when I got there.
After my day at school I wanted nothing more than to settle in for a good snooze. With a long year ahead of me I need to rest up and be prepared for lots of learning. School is kinda cool, and my girl was right about that apple. I think I'm well on my way to becoming Teacher's Pet.

Aug 18, 2008

Back to School

There has been a lot of sorting, cleaning and packing by the beans and college kids here at my house this month.

If a floofer is not very careful he could get packed up and taken to college!

Aug 15, 2008

Goma Goes Back To School VIDEO!

Hai F;oof & Fur friendz and family!! diz is Gomaz!! Mai mom take mee to schoolz and me luv it! Me like go outsides and chase boids and squirrellz!! me iz back to school yeah!!

Sachie: hi everyone!! I am sorry it has been such a long time not posting here!! I took Goma to near by Park and Goma started to walk like krazy kat!! He was running around and smelling things...I was so amazed how much he explored that day!! I think he got used to outside now that he wated to explore. Before that it was kind of hard for him to walk around because he was scare!! Oh I am so proud!! Now I can walk him like a dog!? lol!! It was such a nice day too!! The music by my favorite, The Smittens. The first music called "Half My Heart Beats" and the second song is "C'mon!(When The Grass Grows Tall And Green)"

Aug 3, 2008

No More Back to School for Praline

Hello my furry friends! Praline here.

August is back-to-school month at the Floof and Fur, but Mom says we have had enough school to last a lifetime. Just a little background:'

I came to live with my mom at the tender age of 12 weeks back in December 1995. At the time, Mom was in school to work on her Ph.D. She had been a teacher for 17 years teaching middle school math and wanted a change.

While in graduate school, Mom taught math classes to freshmen and sophomores. I helped Mom grade papers (after playing a game of "who can catch the flying papers?") and even gave my stamp of approval on a few papers (you should have seen Mom trying to explain the teeth marks).

When I would get tired of Mom doing all of the work on the computer and grading papers, I would hold a "sit in" and lie down on top of her papers and not move and give her the "I've had enough of this paperwork" stare.

We taught math at the college level for almost 10 years! Mom now works for a government agency that works with colleges and universities, so we still have papers to go over! The picture above is what Mom had to do while she was home recuperating from her foot surgery.

So, as you can see, I have completed my Ph.D. and am now a happily retired kitty! We still stay in contact with our former students (they are teachers now!) and they always ask how I am doing.

Aug 1, 2008


Zee Bee here... calling all you floofies... time to grab your pencils and backpacks and board the bus! Back to school days are here again. What will you study? What grade are you in? Do you have a nice teacher, or do you spend your time sitting in a corner?
Sometime in August... let's see a back to school post from everyone!