Dec 31, 2008

Happy Noo Yeerz Effurrybuddy!

We hopez U all gets lotsa LUV, pets and fancee feest in 2009! xxoo Bhu, Patty and Sabryin

Birthday/Gotcha Day's for Floof & Fur Members

Hi Floof and Fur Members! Could you please leave your Birthday and Gotcha Days with your year of birth, if you know it, in the comment section below? Thanks!

3rd Zoey of Zoolatry - Gotcha
21st Pearl of PB&J - Gotcha
25th Maggy of Zoolatry - Gotcha

16th Zoey of Island Cats - Gotcha

24th Redfurd of Whimpurrswhim - Gotcha
31st Goma of MyCatGoma - Birthday

7th Zoey of Zoolatry - Birthday
7th Pepper of Whimpurrswhim - Birthday 12/24/08 Bridge

1st Jake of PB&J - Birthday
3rd Rocky of the Kittyhut - Birthday
6th Fancypants of Whimpurrswhim - Gotcha
15th S'more of Kittyhut - Birthday
23rd Jake of PB&J - Gotcha
26th Hans of KittyTesla - Birthday


1st Zoey of Island Cats - Birthday
10th Billie of Twilights Muse - Birthday
31st Samantha of Cat's Perspective - Both

1st Brainball of Ballicai - Both

1st Pearl of PB&J - Birthday
2nd Momo of Momoandco - Gotcha
25th Praline of Sweet Praline - Birthday

7th Angeline of the Kittyhut - Birthday
7th Faithboomerang of Missyblueeyes - Birthday
10th Hansel of KittyTesla - Gotcha
17th Bhu of Patty Skypants - Birthday
17th Prince of Whimpurrswhim - Gotcha
24th Anna & Zuzu of Annabellezuzu - Birthday
30th Faithboomerange of Missyblueeyes - Gotcha

27th Maggy of Zoolatry - Birthday

1st Praline of Sweet Praline - Gotcha
1st Scotchy of Kellykats Korner - Gotcha

If you have not sent in your dates please do so, we don't want to miss any of your special days!
Thanks efurrybody!
Samantha & Scotchy

Dec 24, 2008


In memory of Pepper, one of the members of Floof and Fur
who has sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Pepper... we will miss you, but we'll not forget you.

Dec 14, 2008

Hepper Wave!

Bhu got his Hepper Wave last week and we finally opened it today. He LOVES it! See more photos on Pattyskypants.

Dec 13, 2008

Goma is on TV tonight!

Our fellow Floof and Fur member is on TV tonight! Set your DVR or TiVo to watch it! I can't wait!!!!!

Dec 11, 2008

My 13th Gotcha Day

Thank you all of my floofy friends. Please come visit me at my blog to read my story.

Sweet Praline

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Praline

Happy 13th Gotcha Day Sweet Praline
from All Of Us!!

Dec 8, 2008


Scotchy, Stryder and Sugar wanted to let us all know that
their Mom, Kelly... is about to have some serious surgery.
We should all stop by and send lots of purrs and kelly-kuddles.

Dec 5, 2008

Fin At Housecat Confidential

Hello everyone! My name is Fin and I am an eleven year old lady cat. I live in the desert of Nevada with my human parents Daddy and Mommy (who is also my ghostwriter and blog slave).

This is my first post on Floof and Fur (Mommy can be such a slacker). It sure is nice to be here among all the other floofy cats. I thought I might make my first post here about the things that bind us - floof! Here are some interesting facts about my floof:

  1. I was almost not chosen by my parents because of my long fur! Luckily I was completely irresistible!
  2. I barely shed at all my first year, but I have made up for it later.
  3. Many of my floof hairs have multi-color bands, Mommy calls them raccoon hairs.
  4. Due to all my colors I'm able to successfully leave my mark on any color outfit.
  5. I have long guard hairs and then very soft underfloof. I'm told I feel like mink.
  6. My underfloof can get easily matted, so I have to be very vigilant against Alphalpha hairs (you know the ones, they stick straight out like arrows of grooming humiliation).
  7. I refuse to let Mommy brush me, so I manage all this by myself - well pretty much.
  8. My Floofy Friday posts are often the most visited, and not the ones Mommy slaves over. So funny!

I am Fin of Housecat Confidential, please come visit me anytime.

P.S. - My 100th post will be tomorrow.