Oct 31, 2008

Winners Are Posted!

Hey efurrybody! The winners of the Halloween Floof Costume Contest are now posted. Stop by and see if your favorite won.
-Scotchy Leigha


Hansel Here.

Jus wanna let yoo all know, over at da Halloween Contest meh sisfur TESLA iz a finalist. Pweese go votes fur hers. I wud luf yoo fureffur. Fank yoo.

Also, our raffle entries end TONIGHT. Dis last day. Mommeh bought so much stuff fur raffle winneh. Pweese enter. Fur gud causes.

Mommeh iz STILL walkin on Nov 8th fur humane society! Dat where I iz from. Fur effuree 5 monies, yoo entered in Rafflez once! Den i will mail yoor wunnerful giffs ta yoo!

So yoo can halp sponser meh mommeh! Pweese halp us gaffer sum monies!

fank yoo so much! Jus go here --> GIVING PAGE an donates.

An donates sum monies. Fank yoo. We luf yoo alls.

Only need 20 dollars ta reach our goals of 300. Pweese halp us.

SO yoor duties fur tadeh.

---> Vote fur sisfur Tesla.

---> Donates ta walk a thon.


Oct 30, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Faith Boomerang!

Such a special girl deserves a special day!

We hope you like the gift basket we got for you, just a few of our favorite items. We thought you might also need some new kitty grass since yours at home *somehow* got knocked over.
All your friends at Floof & Fur hope you have a wonderful day filled with rumbly purrs and floofy headbutts.

Oct 28, 2008

New Member: Brainball!

Hi, everybody! I'm Brainball, aka the Lion King, aka King Leonidas, aka Calamity Jake. I blog with my brother and sisters at The Ballicus Blog. And I'm proud to be a new member of Floof & Fur!

I came to be in my forever home on August 1, 2001, which Mom and Dad celebrate as both my birthday and my Gotcha Day. For a couple of years before, they knew me as the neighbors' beautiful orange cat. Except that those neighbors moved away and abandoned me. Thank goodness there was Mom and Dad to take me in. I am a lucky big floofy boy. I was Mom and Dad's first cat, and I remain the Alpha Cat and Lion King of the Ballicus Household. Three more Ballicai have followed me -- Dorydoo, Marilyn MonREOW, and MaoMao, and we all get along well.

I understand that you're discussing floof removal! That's a subject near and dear to my heart. I'm not especially fond of being brushed, so Mom has to do it during times I don't pay as much attention to the brush. She's found, for example, that she can brush me effectively while I'm eating! And the Zoom Groom is another excellent tool. I don't mind the Zoom Groom so much, so she uses the Zoom Groom for heavy floof removal and then the regular brush to slick everything up.

I'm a big boy -- I weigh sixteen pounds, but I'm not fat, just broad and big-boned. I am such a large kitty that when I had bronchitis last year and had to go to the vet, I had to be put in one of the dog kennels! At least they gave me plenty of space from the woofies, so I didn't mind too much.

I love food -- dry food, wet food of all flavors, Temptations of all flavors. Mom also gives me daily supplements. I get a teaspoon full of baby food squash every day since older, floofy kitties like me often deal with constipation. The baby food squash really helps with that. And as I have seasonal allergies, Mom gives me fish oil regularly which helps keep the allergies under control.

I love to play with my brother, MaoMao, and my sister, Dorydoo. The three of us are all great friends. Wrestling is so much fun, and we love to play Thundering Herd of Elephants! Marilyn likes to keep to herself, though, and we all respect that. Well, except when MaoMao takes it into his young head to chase her! *grin*

Well, that's my introduction, and I want to say again how happy I am to be a member of Floof & Fur.

Oct 27, 2008

Happy Helloweenz From Goma!!

Hello the reader of fluff and fur!! I just want to post cute picture of my cat Goma dress up for Halloween!! My brain almost exploded when I saw this picture!! So I am with you on this!! This is too much. As you can see Goma is Bumble Bee this year!! Last year he dress up like a lion this year I wanted to do something more fun and out there!! lol. Everybody HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Sachie+Goma xoxoxo!!!

Let the Voting Begin!

Scotchy here, just wanted to let you all know that voting has begun for our Halloween Floof Costume Contest. Please be sure to go by and show your support by voting for your favorite entry. Vote now thru Thursday at 10 PM, winners will be announce on Friday the 31st at 12 PM. Good luck to efurryone! Happy Halloween!

Oct 24, 2008


Hello to all my fellow floof felines. This is Zoey, from Zoolatry and I challenge each and everyone of you to share your best "floof" story. Is it the bignoisysucky monster machine that your human uses to gather up your floof? Or do you travel in your PTU to the salon for floof removal? Where does your floof go? Do you ever have a floof problem? We sometimes leave little bundles of floof all over the house for our human; and we sometimes swallow our floof and leave floofball treats for her to step on. Often our floof ends up all over the human clothing (so they just shouldn't wear clothes, we say) and of course, it's a decorative accent to fine furniture and bedding. Personally, I do not like when the Floof Removal Service comes to our house... the indignity of it all, the humiliation. And notice that the Zoolatry Dad willingly participates in this process. What's your Floof Story?

What's with moms?

stoopid mommeh haz had flashy fing in meh face toooooo much. Bleh.

Oct 23, 2008

Hello from the Floof & Fur of Whimpurr's Whim

We are very happy to have been invited into this Floof & Fur Club! We are all rescue kitties here ... just a few of the more than 200 that Whimpurr has helped out over the past 7 years or so. We hope you will visit our blog sometime soon and meet our other family members who aren't as "floofy"!

Here are our kitties who are new members of the club!
and our newest floofy family member, Prince:

Whimpurr's Whim Floof & Fur Kitties

Oct 22, 2008

Goma Can Has Beez! VIDEO!

I bought this beez for Goma the other day. I know he likes bees because he always try to eat them when we go outside! When he was little, he got sting by a bee and his nose was hurting so bad...I guess he never learn the lesson...he still chase bees when he goes out. Soooo funny!!

Perhaps i should introduce myself...

oh! Hai!

I been invited ta yoor groups! I wanted ta stop by dis mernin an innerduce myself!

My nam iz Hansel. I called Hans fur shorts. I just unner 5 months old. I iz maine coon mix. An weigh 6 lbs already! Lets start da story....

Once upon a tim, der lifed a kitteh named Tesla. Tesla lifed wif her two beans. Mommeh an daddeh. Wheneffur mommeh bean wud leaf, she wud do bad fings. Like eet da carpet. She was sufferin say-purr-ay-shun ang-zi-o-t.

Mommeh an daddeh ask vets.

Can lock up tesla dem saz. Yoo can crate her dem saz. Yoo can get anuffur kitteh dem saz.

Dem went to humane society to looks... not ta gets... GOT MEH!

I haz upper respiratory infec-shuns. But, i iz oks. Sisfur hated meh at firs. Now she lufs meh. got sick when i went an got neuters an front declaws. Cudna eet when mez gone.

We iz healin togeffur. We iz furrends?

We tryin. We playin.

to learn more bout meh an meh fambly, pweese check out meh bloggie!

Tesla & Hansel

Oct 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Bhu!

We are so happy that you are feeling better! We wanted to celebrate your birthday with a few presents from your friends here at Floof and Fur.
We got you a gift pail full of Topini Treats. We thought you might like them since your good friend Sweet Praline loves them so much. We heard about your interest in human carrots so we thought you might like some nip carrots of your own. We also got you some new crocheted hacky sacks and a few mice. Enjoy all your treats and enjoy your day! Happy happy birthday!

Oct 15, 2008

Bhu is Better!

This morning he was running around the house, jumping on the beds, purring like a wild mancat and looking perfectly fine. The Ved Med School confirmed he has no broken bones, no visible joint deterioration, back problems, or organ problems. So what was wrong with him?????? He was unable to walk for over a week.

I think whatever happened was purged by all the wonderful purrayers and purrs and good wishes and blessings we received from all you gorgeous felines and beans! WE LOVE YOU! xxooo Patty and Bhu

P.S. Now, let's get Billie well, too!

Oct 13, 2008

Another Floof & Fur Member in Distress

Bhu is not doing well. Please visit him and his Mom at http://pattyskypants.blogspot.com/ and give them your purrs and purrayers!

Oct 7, 2008

Look Who's Having a Birthday!

That's right! It's Angeline, better known as Angie of the Kitty Hut! She's celebrating number 14!
All you kitties help yourself to this pretty kitty cake the Floof and Fur gang made for her.
Be sure to stop by her place and give her some birthday headbutts and kitty kisses.

Purrs and Prayers

Purrs and prayers for sweet little Billie, and for her family.
Be well soon, little one.

Oct 6, 2008

Please Visit Billie

Efurryone please go visit Billie she is not doing well and her mommy is worried. She is having kidney problems, arthritis issues and now a lump on her back. She is not eating very well and is being watched carefully. Her family could really use some purrs.

Oct 4, 2008


Maw inswisted we post my newst foto over here too... i tinks she says my eyes are all refrectory or something in this picture , which i guess is a neat thing. She says she culd walk wit me in her arms at night and be safe cuz my eyes refreck or sometin like that, I rweally don't remember now. I was just buzy trying to enjohy the warm sun wit that flashy thing in my face again.