Jul 31, 2008


Happy 5th Birthday to the floofiest tuxie lady we know,
Visit her blog and give her some big birthday wishes.

Jul 28, 2008

Quirky? Not!

The Zoolatry Human thinks I'm "quirky" with a Capital-Q cause I must check out all the new merchandise in the home, and check it inside and out. I try to tell her this is simply part of my job description. P.S. she says this is a favorite picture cause it shows my poofy-pantaloons!

Jul 25, 2008

Billie Likes The "Loo" : )

Hi everybody! It's Billie again. First, I would like to say Hi to all of the kitties that are joining Floof and Fur! It is so nice to meet you all and to make so many Floofy Friends!
This is my quirky thing. I like to sleep in the downstairs bathroom, especially in the colder months when the hot air machine from the basement is running. My Momma puts a towel down for me and I sleep right in front of the sink. Everyone must carefully work around me for tooth brushing and hand washing. :) Momma says as long as I am happy it's worth the slight inconvenience.
Have a great weekend Floofy Friends!

Jul 23, 2008

Introducing Samantha Black

Hi! I am Samantha Black from Life from a Cat's Perspective! I will be 5 years old on July 31st! My Birthday and Gotcha Day are the same day because, I was born in my Mom's back porch! My name was Blackie! My Mom thought I was a boy until after my first Vet Visit. Her friend thought I looked like a Samantha, so I became Samantha Black! As a kitten, I wasn't very floofy. But now I am very floofy and I must say I think I have the Floofyest Tail! I have a brother named Mr. Tigger and we have been Blogging for 15 months! We live in Daytona Florida, home of the Daytona 500 Race!

Jul 22, 2008

The Quirkiness of Zander

I always prefer to sleep on a pillow and on my back propped up like this.

Especially in the summertime when the mom bean had the ooooccilating fan on and the air will blow on my fur so I don't have to groom it while I am practicing for the Marathon Napping Contest!

I think that is called 'muticatsking'.


Hi Efurryone!
My name is Angeline (Angie for short) and I am posting today with my brother Rocky! We live with our sister, S'more and our Mommy over at the Kitty Hut.

I am a blue-cream point Himalayan. On October 7th, I will be 14 years old! My brother Rocky (pictured at right - on top of our refridgerator!) is 5 years old and he is a flame-pointe Himalayan.

We just started our bloggie this year. We are so happy that we did because we have met so many wonderful kitties and beans! Please be sure to stop by and say hi anytime at: http://rockyangiesmoreskittyhut.blogspot.com

Jul 21, 2008

A Few Quirks

Here's a few more details about me that you may not already know.

  • I like kraft macaroni and cheese. I'll eat it right out of my girl's fingers.
  • My Grandad calls me Ford cause I like to Escort all the people in cars that come up the driveway. I meet them at the corner and walk them to the back. I wait for them to park and then I walk them to the door.
  • I love to challenge my brofur Stryder. I go right up to his face and just give him a look. He knows what's up.
  • I love to watch the water go down the toilet. I wonder where it goes.
  • I don't like to be picked up and held but if my girl is reclining or laying down I will jump up on her chest and hang out for about 5 minutes (if she's lucky). I do this several times a day.
  • I hang out in the woods a lot so I bring home a collection of leaves and sticks in my belly fur almost efurry day.
  • I like potato chips and especially Doritos.
  • I snore most of the time. If you listen carefully you can hear me across the room.

Well that's all for today. I gotta get back to my nappin. Bye!

Jul 20, 2008

Zander the Floofer Cat

Hi Everyone!
My full name is Little Joe Zander, but you can call me Zander.
That is what my family calls me (when I am not in trouble that is.)

I am a floofy man cat.
My Mother was a Siamese and my father was a Himalayan
I was born April 16th and am 4 years old now.
I have very bright blue eyes but sometimes when my mom bean uses that flashy box it makes my blue eyes turn red (and then she is not very adept at using the photoshop so sometimes my pictures have dark eyes.)
My favorite things to do are rolllling in the flowers, 'zoooming' through the house, watching the birds in the window, eating, sleeping, napping, eating, snacking and washing. (My motto is 'you can never be too clean'.)
I am currently in hard training for the Napping Marathon!
This is my favorite sport (besides eating)
and this year I am sure I will win.
My Mom say the prize is my own bag of Yamon treats!

So I need to go practice some more!
Well that's all for now.

My Sister Wikipedia and Uncle Alex and I have our own new blog at The Catmosphere.
So come and visit sometime, I am sure our mom bean will make you a nice pot of catnip tea and scrounge us up some 'yamon' treats.
Oh and Thank You Zooltry for letting me join the rest of you Floofers!

Jul 18, 2008

Annabelle and Zuzu: Hello!

"This is ME: Zuzu!"

"An' this be ME: Annabelle!"

Zuzu: Weee HAPPY to be invited to Floof & Fur blog! Weee say "Thank U!"
Kim: She means "belly."
Zuzu: (disapproving) U shouldn't show belleh YET, Anna. We just saying 'Hi this be us!" now!
Anna: BELLEH!!!
Zuzu: Sigh. She is Anna. She ... well, sometimes, may be not so smart.
Anna: DO be smart!
Zuzu: U not. I am Zuzu. We both blue-cream point Himalayan girlkitties. We will b 2 years oldz on October 24.
Anna: (very happy) I is FAT!
Zuzu: True. U is fat. I not so fat. Anna, she eat eat eat.
Anna: I BRAVE!
Zuzu: Don no 'bout that. Mommy, she say, "Anna, u either very brave or not so smart." Cuz Anna run run run up to new things and try to go outside and luv to go in basement and stuff but me, I not so sure. I not so brave, may be.
Anna: U brave. U has a FLATFACE!
Zuzu: I has a Flatface. Smashyface, Smooshyface, say Mommy. Everyday, Mommy, she say: "ZuzuWhy is you so grumpy?" Then I say, "Ahh! I tol u an' tol you! Not grumpy! Is just mah flatface!" THEN, she say, WellZuzu, why u HAS a flatface?" then I say "AHH! I tol you an' TOL YOU! Cuz mah DADDY had a flatface!" All the TIMEZ she asksed me that stuff! She say it all smiley-happy, but why she ask OVER and OVER???
Zuzu: U has flatface LOTS, compared to other catzes. Not so flat compared to me.
Anna: (Extremely proud) I go DOODY!
Zuzu: Sigh. Anywayz. I want to tell u bout something special I has. I has a --
Zuzu: U stoppit! Stoppit stoppit stoppit TALKING! I wanted to tell bout mah white toe!
Anna: I has a sorry.
Zuzu: She LOUD! She 'Meeow meeow meeow' all the TIMEZ! I meeow too, well, kinda a lot, but I have a LITTLE meeow.
Oh, yeah, an' I has a WHITE TOE!
Anna: (sad) What do I has???
Zuzu: U has a BELLEH!

Zuzu: Sigh. Anywayz, that be's nuff bout us for nowz.
Zuzu: Oh, that's right! Goma is our brother! Not from same litter, he our little brother, but we has same TonkaDaddy and StarMommy!
Zuzu: We has LOTS of pictures of StarMommy and TonkaDaddy that we bet GomaMancatBrother would want to see, but we wait for next post, may cuz this post do be long!
Plus, we need to maybe ask -- I forget that word. Misson? Purrmissy?
Kim: Permission, Zuzu.
Zuzu: Yes, purrrrmissionZuzu from Suzette who breedzes us to use photos.
Zuzu: Sigh. We saves that for nother post, cuz kim say 'PurrrrmissonZuzu.'
Zuzu: (crabby) IF that MommyKim UPDATEZES it more! She BUSY, she say, but we don care bout no 'busy!'
Kim: I'll try to do better about that, Zuzu. I think we need to say goodbye now.

Kim: Say goodbye, Zuzu.
Zuzu: GoodbyeZuzu.

Jul 17, 2008

Hi from Sniffie, Ellie, Allie and Tamir

Wow this is our first post at Floof and Fur! We just started our own blog a week ago and we're having a blast! We are 4 kitties who live in Florida. Three of us are Lilac Point Birmans (Sniffie, Ellie and Allie) and our big brother is a Tubby Tabby named Tamir (it's ok...we say that with love!)
First there is Sniffie:

Sniffie just had a birthday! She was ten years old on Monday. Sniffie came to us when we lived in New Jersey. Meowmy had a purrty little Red point Birman boy named Uriel who went to the bridge wayyy too early. She was very sad when she saw Birmans. One day a nice lady told her about Sniffie and it was love at first sight. Sniffie and her sister Cory came to New Jersey to live with us.

Sadly, we lost Miss Cory when she was 4 years old. Our new Daddy loved her very much and his eyes were leaky and he was sad....so Ellie and Allie came to live with us. Here's a picture of Ellie. She loves attention when SHE wants it....other times not so much!!!

Here's a picture of Allie - she loves attention ALL THE TIME!! She loves having Daddy hold her and give her love!

Our brother Tamir is a handsome Tabby boy. He came from a rescue in New Jersey. Tamir is 11 years old and a big askeerdy cat!!

We named our blog Friends FurEver 'cause that's the name of our Meowmy and Auntie El's business. Please come visit us at our blog!

Hi, I'm Miss Billie!

Hi everybody! My name is Billie. My fancy name is Billie Holiday Lady Of The Day. My Momma says she was in a "blues" phase. I'm not sure what that means. She thinks Persians look kinda sad sometimes, like they have "The Blues". I am usually not sad, sometimes cranky though. I hate to be groomed! I only let my Momma groom me for a few minutes at a time before I scratch her. I love my Momma, but I hate to be messed with! She gets frustrated and then I must get my furs cut.
I just turned 13 on July 11th. My Family got me from a breeder who was moving out of state. I was the last kitten to be adopted. My brother had already been claimed. Momma says I was the smallest one of the litter and she was glad to get me out of there because she did not think they were very good at taking care of kitties. I was too little for a regular litterbox and Momma had to hand feed me canned cat food with a spoon. She loved taking care of me because I was so good natured and calm. But, even then when she brushed me I would give her the bitey! Really I am usually a very sweet lady cat, promise! :)

My favorite things are:

Tuna and the "juice" it comes in.
Momma's lap
When Momma calls me WeeWee or MeeMee
Napping, Napping, and More Napping

It is so lovely to meet other Floofy Kitties! I can't wait to get to know all of you!

Love and Purrs Everyone! <3>Billie~

Jul 16, 2008

Introducing Scotchy!

Hi efurrybody! I'm Butterscotch, better known as Scotchy to my friends. I'm a new member of the Floof & Fur group and I'm very excited to be here. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a formerly feral kitty girl who came to live wif my forever family about 3 years ago. I had been living outside in the woods behind their house for a while. They would put out bowls of kitty cheerios on the back porch for me and sometimes some yummy stinky wet food. I noticed that there were other kitties who seemed to come and go as they pleased and actually wanted to hang around the people so I figured it was safe to make myself at home.

At first I was just an outdoor visitor but it soon started to get cold. I saw the other kitties going inside the house and was very curious about what was in there. One night it was especially cold and it started to rain white stuff. The mom lady kept talking to me and standing in the open door. She asked me if I wanted to come in. After I thought about it for a few minutes I decided to come on in and see what life was like on the other side.

Now I am an official member of the family. I get to come and go pretty much as I please. Mostly I like to stay inside with my favorite girl. She lets me jump up onto her chest and make biscuits on her. I know that she will scritch my head and face so much that I immediately start to purr when I come into her room. I get so happy sometimes that I even drool. She calls me Droolia when I do this. She's so silly. She also made me this cool hideout. Check me out!

Efurrything would be perfect except that I have to share my people wif some other cats. I have a stoopid brofur named Stryder. He is always hogging my girl. I get so mad at him that I lay my ears back and chase and chase and chase him til he gets tired and wants to go outside so he can get away from me and rest. When that doesn't work I just lay outside my girl's door and wait for my chance to get in there and claim her while he's not looking. Stoopid Stryder.

Then there is Sugar. She is the original cat of the house. She does not like me one bit. Whenefur she see's me she growls and whaps me on the head. She knows that I want to be top girl kitty around here. Luckily her favorite person is the mom lady and not my girl.

Well that's all for now. It was nice meeting you all. I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my story. You can see more pictures of me and my family on my other blog Kellykat's Korner . Right now I'm ready for a nice long nap. See ya next time!

Jul 15, 2008

Hai I Is Goma!!

Hi this is Sachie, Gama's mom posting for the first time here at Floof and Fur! It is nice to meet all of you fluffy friendz!!! We are so excited to join here and be part of fluffy blog community!! Thanks for inviting us!! Goma was born in March, 31st 2007. He was runt of the litter believe or not!! Now he is too big...he now weighs 12.5Ibs!! Goma also has a blog called My Himalayan Cat Goma. This blog is updated almost daily with Gama's pictures and video and fun animal news around the world! We do funny photo comics which you see below as example, has been signature for My cat Goma blog. Another fun thing about Goma is, Goma has more than 60 videos on Youtube! One of his video has gotten more than 80,000views! Here is the video simply called, Cat VS Cotton Candy.
Goma is also a cat of many faces. Sometimes he is soooo pretty, sometimes he is ugly!! But I LOVE all of his faces!! lol! Okay, I hope this is good introduction to Goma fluff!! I will be back soon to read about other member cats and possibly post some fun stuff!! Thanks!! see you later!!

Jul 14, 2008


I am Gemini. I am a floofy cat. In fact, my nickname (which I do not like) is Puffalump. Sometimes it's Puffin Muffin or sometimes just Puff or Puff Baby. The last two are okay. I am not a lump.

I see invisible bugs and I like to make biscuits.

Best of all, I like having a place to blog that does not involve Cheysuli! YEAH. She is such a blog hog... just cause the blog is on a site about her.

Hi! My name is Zoey!

Thanks for inviting me to join Floof & Fur! It's great to have a blog just for us floofy kitties!

Here's some info about me:
  • Nicknames: Sweet Pea, The Little Princess, Peanut, Z, Z-Cat
  • Birthdate: I don’t remember when I was born. The V.E.T. says it probably was sometime in late June or early July 2007. But I think my life really started when the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair caught me. That was on February 16, 2008.
  • Weight: A girl never tells her weight!
  • Bio: I don’t remember much of my early days. All I know is that I was living outside behind a big building. Which was scarey because I was just a little cat. I had to hunt for my food…often in a dumpster. Sometimes the people from the building would give me food. It was okay until it started getting cold…and then snowy. The people built me a place to stay warm and sleep. Here’s a picture of where I stayed:

See all the snow??? Here's a picture of the inside:

I was really scared when the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair caught me. But I think that was the luckiest day of my life!!!
  • Favorite Moment: When I became an Island Cat!
  • Likes: Food, food and more food!!!
  • Favorite Toy: Gray mousies!

Now I'm an Island Cat living here with Wally and Ernie...and the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair.

I can't wait to meet more floofy kitties like me!!!! You can visit me at http://www.island-cats.com/. Wally and Ernie are there too...but they aren't floofy like me!!!

Jul 13, 2008

The Taylor CatSS Men

Hello everyone! I am delighted to join Floof & Fur. My name is Seaborne. I am the oldest of The Taylor CatSSSSS. I am seven years old. I was born in Seaside, Florida. My family spent every summer there for about 15 years. It is a very special place for them. One summer, they decided that they would adopt a cat. The Seaside Cats are very famous. There is a special lady named Janet who takes care of all the strays that are left there by "not so nice" people. The Taylor family went to Janet's house to find their cat. I was about 5 weeks old and weighed about 1 pound. I immediately jumped onto my Forever Mommy's lap and looked at her with my one green eye and my one blue eye. She was smitten! I am a Turkish Angora and as I just said, I am odd eyed! My family named me Seaborne because I was born by the sea. I traveled with them in the car to Houston, Texas. I lived there for five years and then we moved to Maryland. My very special person is the oldest daughter, Tatum. I weigh around 20 pounds now. Mommy says that I am very handsome! I love to have my tummy rubbed! Actually, I love to be rubbed and petted anywhere!

Hi! Thank you for inviting me to join Floof & Fur. I am indeed very Floofy and Furry! My name is Sam. I am 6 years old. I was born in Houston, Texas. My Forever Mommy thought that Seaborne needed a playmate, so she started calling around looking for a kitty who needed a home. She called Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) in Houston and they told her that I had just arrived there. Mommy immediately went to CAP and when I looked at her with my blue eyes, she fell in love. So, she brought me home. I am a Flame Point Ragdoll. They named me Sam because there was a television show on at the time called West Wing. A character on the show was Sam Seaborne. So....Sam I am! I love attention! I play with Seaborne all the time. I weigh 17 pounds. I love to be petted and have tummy rubs.

Introducting Sweet Praline

Hello my floofy friends and fur visitors! Please let me introduce myself. I am a registered Tortoiseshell Persian. My mom was a seal-point Himmie and my dad was a red tabby Persian. I was born on September 25, 1995 in Irmo, South Carolina. I came to live with my Mom on December 11, 1995. My registered name is "Miss Paula's Sweet Praline", my blog name is "Sweet Praline", and my mom calls me "Praline."

Baby Praline - 1995

I have many unique traits because of my fur parents' background. Many of the VETs (or their UNknowledgeable assistants) were skeptical about my catitude because of the Tortie, Himmie and Red Persian in my blood. They said I would be either very sweet or tempermental. My first VET must have been a "dog" person, because I tried to bite and scratch him the first time I saw him and he tried to take some of my special blood. He made his assistant put me in a bag where I couldn't move and they wrote something on my chart indicating I was a "scratcher or a biter." Luckily, we only had to see that VET for a couple of years. I now go to an ALL CAT VET! All of the VETS since that first one have said that I am a sweetie! Mom says I definitely have CATITUDE, but that I am sweet.

Praline - now

I am not a lap kitty, but I love to be right beside my mom. If she is on the couch watching TV, I sleep on the foot rest of the recliner at her feet or right beside her. If she is on the computer, I am doing a full monty down at her feet. I have a really loud purr and turn it on every time Mom pets me, which is quite often. When she is talking on the phone, I just right beside her ear and start purring in the phone, startling those on the phone.

I am looking forward to meeting all of the floofy kitties on this site and want to give a special thank you to Miss Ann for starting our own club. Please come by and visit my blog at Sweet Praline.

Jul 12, 2008


Welcome to FLOOF & FUR from Maggy and Zoey, of Zoolatry. This is a blog designed for the fabulous and fantastic, flat faced floofy and furry friends we've met (we freely admit a certain partiality to the long furs) all around the Cat Blogosphere. There are Himalayans and Persians, and Birmans and Magical-Mixes. And there are untold numbers of truly wonderful and beautiful long-furred domestic breeds. We welcome any and all of you to join.