Oct 24, 2008


Hello to all my fellow floof felines. This is Zoey, from Zoolatry and I challenge each and everyone of you to share your best "floof" story. Is it the bignoisysucky monster machine that your human uses to gather up your floof? Or do you travel in your PTU to the salon for floof removal? Where does your floof go? Do you ever have a floof problem? We sometimes leave little bundles of floof all over the house for our human; and we sometimes swallow our floof and leave floofball treats for her to step on. Often our floof ends up all over the human clothing (so they just shouldn't wear clothes, we say) and of course, it's a decorative accent to fine furniture and bedding. Personally, I do not like when the Floof Removal Service comes to our house... the indignity of it all, the humiliation. And notice that the Zoolatry Dad willingly participates in this process. What's your Floof Story?


Pattyskypants said...

Zoey, Ur floof is supah purrity! xxoo Bhu

Tesla and Hansel said...

Do you want us to post our floof story here or somewhere else? how do you guys usually do it?

Sweet Purrfections said...

I will get Mom working on posting a floof story within the next few days!