Nov 4, 2008

Hans here!

dis is HANS here da tell yoo meh floof story. iz very barrasin.

MOMMEH cutted sum of meh BUTT floof. Acaz SUMTIMS i pee pee on dem. I hold an hold an hold meh pee and den it FLOODS bottom of box caz i dig ta bottom and SUM tims dem gets on meh BUTT furs.


How barrasin! i gots da BARE BUTTS.

And den she cutted sum FLOOF frum meh PAWS acaz i run on floors and slides all over da place!

Dat meh sad floof storees


KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

O, Hans, how awful.
But reely good she cutted it off.
All fings considered.
No pickshures????
Hee hee.

ZOOLATRY said...

We don't hold on too long...
but the human still does that "bikini trim" stuff to us; it is totally humiliating.
We sympurrthize with you Hans.

Kim, Mia, Annabelle, Zuzu and Miso said...

Anna: ooooh, Hanzes! That too bad! I noes how you do be feel! I get DOODY on my floofy pantzes all the timez! Mommy, she cut my butty floof real short a few weeks ago! I look like a LAMB!

It grow back tho!
Then, may be I get DOODY on mah pantzes AGAIN!
That will show Mommy who's boss!