May 27, 2009

Cheyenne Millie

Hi all! I am named Cheyenne Millie. Thank you for the invite to join this group. I live in Napa, in Northern California. I was abandoned by my first family when they moved away. Mom believes there was a sibling of mine who also was left behind, who was possibly adopted by a family a few doors down. For about 3 or 4 years after my family gave me a home they kept seeing another cat with exact markings like me roaming around the neighborhood. They at first thought it was me and that I had escape. But no, it wasn’t me. I would always still be inside the house. I lived alone outside for about 2 weeks hiding in and around the bushes of what was going to eventually be my new home. Actually, I wasn’t always totally alone for some of that time …. I had all these boy kitties (at least 2 or 3) chasing me up and down the big camphor tree out front of the house for several days. When mom saw what was happening she decided to catch me. They tricked me by putting kitty food in a cage! I have always been kind of shy, and I don’t like to be held or picked up. But, I do like to be pet, and my favorite past time is to sit on the back of the couch, up behind my mom, and fan my floofy tail over her hair letting her know I am there!


Jasmim said...

You had a difficult past, but now you are in a good family! Gradually you will lose your shyness ^^
Welcome to Floof and Fur!

Jas & Gi

Cory said...

Welcome Cheyenne! All of us in my house had difficult pasts too. Isn't it wonderful to find your true forever home?

Baby Patches said...

Hai Cheyenne! I was just asked to joins da group too. Sees my post for today! Nice to meets you, I will comes by your blog. Its great to hears dat you has a wonderfur furever home. *purrrrrrrrs*

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Hello and very pleased to meet you. I only joined recently, isn't it lovely to be asked. You are very lovely and I am so glad you got to get a lovely new home.
I too like to sit behind mum's head and swish my tail.
Come visit me sometime.
Hugs GJ xx

Kellykat said...

Welcome Cheyenne Millie! I'm so glad that you allowed yourself to be caught so that you could find your forever home. I used to live outside by myself too but I found a nice family to adopt so now I live inside with them. I don't like to be held much either but I will get on my girl's lap for petting.