Oct 23, 2011

A Halloween Party!!!

The Ladies of Autumn have pleasure in inviting all the members of Floof and Fur to a Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein on Oct 31. You are most welcome to submit pictures or graphics of yourselves to be included in the party post. Please send the pics to MoMo at momoandco@gmail.com.

Hope to see you all there!!!


Smudge said...

Oh, cool! A party!!

Sweet Purrfections said...

I guess I need to submit my application to become a junior member of the Floor and Fur gang. Is there an age limit?

I'll try to get my mom to send a picture to you for the party.


Anonymous said...

Yey, me coming too, I'm wearing a lion outfit!

amanda said...

I know I'm a bit late..but hope you had a spooktacular halloween!! happy tuesday. purrs, Rio from Barcelona