Feb 25, 2012


The Floof & Fur blog began several years ago as a special place for the "floofalicious" among us and it was started by the fluffy Himalayan girls of Zoolatry, Maggy and Zoey.  It has grown over time in membership and followers.  Over the years several bloggers have helped to manage/administer the blog on a regular basis and their are quite a number of "blog authors" who post to Floof & Fur.
At this time we are looking for a new blog administrator ~ someone who can manage the blog on a regular basis.  You would need to welcome new members, check the blogs email, review postings, update comments, even as needed plan special events.  Right now there is no blogger doing this on a regular schedule.
If you are interested in managing Floof & Fur, please email Ann at Zoolatry, zoolatry@gmail.com.
Thank you.


Marilia said...

Success in finding a good manager for the blog!!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We hope you find someone to manage the blog. Mom Paula is just too busy with work right now, or she'd volunteer.

Unknown said...

Maggie and zoie are both lovely, and your so lucky to have a new manager! I'm so excited to read your new post.

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Sasha said...

Thanks for your birthday greetings. I had a quiet day, so it was really nice to find all the birthday messages from my friends.