Jul 17, 2008

Hi from Sniffie, Ellie, Allie and Tamir

Wow this is our first post at Floof and Fur! We just started our own blog a week ago and we're having a blast! We are 4 kitties who live in Florida. Three of us are Lilac Point Birmans (Sniffie, Ellie and Allie) and our big brother is a Tubby Tabby named Tamir (it's ok...we say that with love!)
First there is Sniffie:

Sniffie just had a birthday! She was ten years old on Monday. Sniffie came to us when we lived in New Jersey. Meowmy had a purrty little Red point Birman boy named Uriel who went to the bridge wayyy too early. She was very sad when she saw Birmans. One day a nice lady told her about Sniffie and it was love at first sight. Sniffie and her sister Cory came to New Jersey to live with us.

Sadly, we lost Miss Cory when she was 4 years old. Our new Daddy loved her very much and his eyes were leaky and he was sad....so Ellie and Allie came to live with us. Here's a picture of Ellie. She loves attention when SHE wants it....other times not so much!!!

Here's a picture of Allie - she loves attention ALL THE TIME!! She loves having Daddy hold her and give her love!

Our brother Tamir is a handsome Tabby boy. He came from a rescue in New Jersey. Tamir is 11 years old and a big askeerdy cat!!

We named our blog Friends FurEver 'cause that's the name of our Meowmy and Auntie El's business. Please come visit us at our blog!


Anonymous said...

what an adorable family you all are!

Kellykat said...

Hello efurrybody! Welcome to Floof & Fur. I really enjoyed learning about you and can't wait to become friends. See you soon, I'm off to check out your other site.

L. Alida said...

Oh, it is so nice to meet you all! What a sweet family you have!
Hugs and Purrs to You!
Billie and Her Momma :)

Sweet Purrfections said...

Welcome to Floof and Fur! I have been visiting your blog and am glad that you have joined us here! What a cute little family!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi! It is very nice to meet all of you! We will go and visit your blog!!!